Singer-Songwriter Chuck Nash is best known for his well-crafted, tightly arranged songs and for his relentless performance schedule. His latest album project “Ten Short Stories by C.L. Nash” (his 5th overall) was released in May of 2012 and is a moody collection of songs that wander through a range of musical styles, from the repetitive, groove-based “Make Some Time” to the 7-minute psychedelic fantasy “Joyride”. All of the songs were recorded at Nash’s own Zoe Tribe Studios in Jacksonville, FL. Thanks to generous fan support using the art-funding platform Kickstarter, Nash & his bandmates were able to enlist Eric Sarafin, a.k.a. "Mixerman" to mix the album.  Ten Short Stories by C.L. Nash,  as well as his other albums, can be found on his website and through the major online music stores, including iTunes and Amazon. 

Nash's live show with his band is unique in that he coaxes a lot of sound from his guitar by altering his technique and by using effects in a way that make the bass lines he plays on the guitar sound like there is indeed a bassist in the band in addition to the guitarist (Nash). No, there are NO loop pedals or pre-recorded tracks involved! He has performed in a smorgasbord of mostly small clubs for years, and has occasionally played larger concerts in support of well-known acts, such as Cheap Trick, Tonic, and Edwin McCain. Nash's guitar/bass approach, along with bandmate Ken Nasta’s passionate drumming/background vocals and bandmate Brian Homan’s out-of-the-box approach to the already difficult pedal-steel guitar combine for an instrumentation you likely won't see anywhere else.